Actovegin for injection 40mg/ml 5 ampoules 10ml - Neurology

Actovegin for injection 40mg/ml 5 ampoules 10ml - Neurology

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Mode of action:
Actovegin activates cell metabolism (metabolism) by increasing the transport and accumulation of glucose and oxygen, increasing their intracellular disposal. These processes lead to faster metabolism of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and increasing energy cells. Under conditions that restrict the normal functions of energy metabolism (hypoxia / insufficient oxygen supply or violation of its assimilation / lack of substrate) and with increased consumption of energy (healing, regeneration / repair tissue /), Actovegin stimulate energetic processes of the functional metabolism (metabolism in body) and anabolism (the assimilation of substances by the body). A secondary effect is to increase blood flow.
Indications for use:
Cerebrovascular insufficiency, ischemic stroke (insufficient supply of brain tissue oxygen due to acute ischemic attacks), traumatic brain injury, peripheral circulatory disorders (arterial, venous) angiopathy (violation of vascular tone), trophic disorders (eating disorders of the skin) for varicose veins of the lower limbs (venous changes, characterized by uneven increase their lumen to form a diverticulum wall due to dysfunction of the valve apparatus), ulcers of different origin, bedsores (necrosis, caused by prolonged pressure on them by lying), burns, prevention and treatment of radiation injuries .
Damage to the cornea (the clear covering of the eye) and the sclera (opaque covering of the eye) corneal burn (acid, alkali, lime), corneal ulcers of different origin, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), including after transplantation (transplant), corneal abrasions of the cornea in patients contact lenses, prevention of injuries in the selection of contact lenses in patients with degenerative processes in the cornea (for use eye gel), as well as to accelerate the healing of venous ulcers (slow-healing skin defects), bedsores (necrosis caused by prolonged pressure on them by lying ), burns, radiation skin lesions, etc.
How to use:
Dose and route of administration depends on the type and severity of disease. The drug is administered orally, parenterally (bypassing the digestive tract) and local.
Inside designate 1-2 tablets 3 times a day before meals. Dragees not chew, drink a little water.
Intravenous or intra-arterial administration, depending on the severity of the disease starting dose is 10-20 ml. Then designate 5 ml by slow intravenous or intramuscular injection, 1 time a day every day or several times a week. Intravenously administered 250 ml solution for infusion at a rate of 2-3 ml per minute 1 times a day every day or several times a week. You can also use 10, 20 or 50 ml solution for injection, diluted in 200-300 ml of glucose or saline. All on a course of treatment - 10-20 injections. In the infusion solution, do not add other drugs.
Parenteral administration of Actovegin should be made with caution because of the possibility of an anaphylactic (allergic) reaction. Recommended test administration, and the need to provide facilities for emergency treatment. Can be administered intravenously to 5 ml, as hypertonic solution has properties (osmotic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure of the blood). With intravenous drug use is recommended to monitor the performance of water-electrolyte metabolism.
Local application. Gel is indicated for the purification and treatment of open wounds and ulcers. Burns and radiation injuries gel applied to the skin in thin layers. In the treatment of ulcers of the gel applied to the skin over a thick layer and cover with ointment compress Actovegin to prevent sticking to the wound. Dressing changes make one once a week, with much weeping sores - several times a day.
The cream is used to improve wound healing, and weeping wounds. Use after the formation of pressure ulcers and the prevention of radiation injuries.
Ointment applied thinly to the skin. Used for long-term treatment of wounds and ulcers to speed up their epitelizaiii (healing) after treatment with a gel or cream. For the prevention of pressure sores ointment should be applied to the appropriate areas of the skin. For the prevention of radiation injuries of the skin cream should be applied after irradiation or in between sessions.
Ophthalmic gel. In the affected eye squeezed directly from the tube 1 drop of gel. Apply 2-3 times a day. After opening the eye gel can be used no more than 4 weeks.
Side effects:
Allergic reactions: urticaria, feeling a rush of blood, sweating, increased body temperature. Itching, burning sensation in the application of a gel, cream or ointment, when applying eye gel, lacrimation, scleral injection (redness of the sclera).
Hypersensitivity to the drug. With care given the drug during pregnancy. In breast-feeding use Actovegin is undesirable.
Dragees forte in a package of 100 pieces. Solution for injection ampoules PA2, 5 and 10 ml (1 ml - 40 mg). Solution for infusion 10% and 20% with saline solution in bottles of 250 ml. 20% gel in tubes of 20 g of 5% cream in tubes of 20 g of 5% ointment in tubes of 20 g Eye Gel 20% in tubes of 5 g
Store in a dry place at a temperature no higher than 8 * C.
Freed from the protein (deproteinized) extract (gemoderivat) from the blood of calves. 1 ml contains 40 mg of dry matter.
Before using the drug Actovegin you should consult your doctor. This instruction manual is given a free transfer and is intended solely for information. For more information, please contact the manufacturer annotations.
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